Mineral Fiber Ceiling BH003

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595x595mm, 600x600mm

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Mineral Fiber BH003

In an open office environment, mineral wool boards can effectively reduce the noise caused by communication systems, office equipment, and staff activities, reduce indoor noise reverberation, and enable employees to focus better, improve work efficiency, and reduce work fatigue. In a closed office environment, the mineral wool board absorbs and blocks the propagation of sound waves in the air, effectively achieving a sound insulation effect, ensuring the privacy of the room sound, and reducing the mutual interference of adjacent rooms.

In class room or conference rooms, the speaker’s voice needs to be clearly heard by the audience in any position to ensure that he is understood correctly. Therefore, the building materials need to be selected to ensure the clarity of the indoor sound.

The loose and porous internal structure of mineral wool board has excellent performance of converting sound wave energy. The mineral wool board uses high-quality long fibers as the raw material for production. The sound wave causes the fiber to resonate for a longer time, which can convert more sound wave energy into kinetic energy. At the same time, the dense deep holes inside the mineral wool board allow more sound waves to enter and extend their passage time. Under the action of friction, the sound wave energy is converted into heat energy.

Instructions for installation of mineral wool board


First, choose different ceiling grid according to different loads or requirements.

Second, mineral wool panels should be installed and used in an environment where the relative temperature is below 80%.

Third, the installation of mineral wool panels should be completed in the indoor wet work, the various pipelines in the ceiling have been installed, and the water pipes should be tested before construction.

Fourth, when installing mineral wool panels, clean gloves should be worn to prevent the panels from being dirty.

Fifth, the room after the installation of the mineral wool panel should be ventilated, and the doors and windows should be closed in time in case of rain.

Sixth, within 50 hours after the construction of the composite glue board, there should be no strong vibration before the glue is completely cured.

Seventh, when installing in the same environment, please use the same batch of products.

Eighth, the mineral wool board cannot carry any heavy objects.


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